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Declaring a brand of candy as the “King of Peppermint” is a bold statement, but then again, not many candy brands can say that they have been producing the same peppermint stick candy for over 100 years. King Leo® pure peppermint stick candy was developed and trademarked in 1901, it is thought to be the longest continuously sold brand of peppermint candy in the country.

The original company, born in Nashville, Tennessee started with 2 items: King Leo Pure Peppermint Sticks in a blue colored tin, &

Broken King Leo Peppermint Sticks available in bulk.

Suffice it to say, King Leo has expanded his realm.

Quality Candy Company acquired the regal brand in

1999 to preserve the continuity of the beloved candy

legacy. In addition to keeping the traditional blue tin 

of soft peppermint sticks available, King Leo now

offers an expanded selection of peppermint inspired 

confections. Butter Mints and Crushed Peppermint

Bits are just a few of the newest creations now

offered to the loyal fans who adore King Leo. Families expect high quality from King Leo confections, and that’s exactly what they have received since the nostalgic tins were first emblazoned with the slogan “Pure for you and the children too”. King Leo candy promises that every piece is made with premium ingredients and old fashioned care.

With a long history of quality and so many delicious products, it’s no wonder that King Leo remains a cherished tradition for so many families to enjoy. Long live the king!

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